The MVP anchor

3D-Anchors - The MVP anchor

The MVP anchor was developed as a three dimensional anchoring system. Beside its general applications it has shown excellent potential in applications involving anchoring monolithic refractory materials to boiler tube walls. The requirements for an anchoring element for boiler tube walls are complex. The development of new monolithic refractory products, which are presently replacing ramming and patching mixes, also requires ongoing development of the anchoring systems.

Boiler studs both with and without ceramic ends have proven to be reliable anchoring elements for ramming and patching mixes but are not best suited to the gunning and casting concretes (vibration type or self-flowing) which are now used more frequently. The MVP anchor offered by vhi GmbH fulfils the requirements of a modern anchoring system. Together with a ferrule specially developed for use with boiler tube walls, the MVP anchor can be economically welded to the bridge between the pipes. The attachment to the bridge removes the weld from pressurised parts of the system.